So you’re ready to begin hunting for the perfect New York City apartment.
But which of NYC’s many neighborhoods do you wish to call home?
Here are five incredibly important things to consider:



Yes… it matters.

There are so many different sized neighborhoods to choose from in New York. Some, like Nolita, are only a few blocks in size (yet border incredible neighborhoods like SoHo, Greenwich Village and Little Italy). Others, like the sprawling Upper East Side, cover miles of real estate.

Deciding between large and small neighborhoods means looking into conveniences like amazing NY foodie favorites, banks, shopping, nightlife, amazing Manhattan swimming pools, etc. There’s always something within walking distance, but is it something you’ll need on a daily or weekly basis?


What is the feel of the neighborhood?

Living on parade routes, within the NYE barricades or anywhere close to the SantaCon debacle can be annoying.

In areas like the Upper West Side, the atmosphere is quiet and family oriented.
The East Village is packed with late-night bars, restaurants… and people.

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When it comes to Manhattan apartment prices, certain neighborhoods are known for being a bit above average.

The popular West Village is a great neighborhood with some stunning lofts.
It is also one of Manhattan’s most expensive neighborhoods.

Find price limit that you can afford (40% of your monthly income) and that will help narrow down your search.
Click on the image above to view the 2014 Q1 Manhattan Real Estate Report.


Proximity is a matter of preference. Some people choose to live further out. Others want to be in the thick of it all.

The up-and-coming Washington Heights neighborhood can sometimes be 30 minutes or more from Midtown.
Others live in the center of it all in beautiful Midtown East high rises.

With recent commercial and residential developments in the Financial District,
Manhattan’s southernmost neighborhood will soon be a hub of far more than just business.

It is an incredibly attractive neighborhood if you are considering buying a Manhattan home.


Manhattan boasts one of the most reliable forms of public transportation in the country.

The NYC Subway is the 7th busiest mass transit system in the world and is open 24 hours/day 7 days/week.

We all know Penn Station is a hub, but did you know the Financial District features access to the ACE, NQR, 123, 456 and JZ lines?
Well it does.

Investing in FiDi real estate would be an incredibly smart move for anyone. We’re certainly doing it.


In short, while price is without a doubt the #1 thing on your mind, the old addage of ‘location, location, location’ will remain forever relevant.

Find a location that is close to the things you need, the things that will get you where you need to go and more important than anything…
the people you care about.