“The Great Resignation” is a phrase coined in response to what many analysts believe will be a wave of workers quitting their jobs across many industries.

As people reevaluate their post-pandemic lives, they will consider job opportunities they may have ignored during the pandemic and contemplate how and when they want to work.

At Platinum Properties, we have a few new hires who made a conscious decision to leave previous jobs and kickstart careers in real estate.

Vivienne Rottman, Joe Rossi, Mackenzie Kyle and Dewey Moss

Here are their stories: 

What industry were you working in before you joined the real estate industry, and how did your prior experience help you succeed?

Mackenzie Kyle: Previously, I was working in the entertainment industry. I think my background has helped immensely in my real estate career. I feel confident being thrown into any setting and chatting with anybody. I don’t get thrown off easily, and have learned the meaning of hard work and persistence because of my acting career. 

Dewey Moss: Advertising; Having immense client experience certainly helped me understand how to treat clients in real estate, and having run full departments gave me the skills to run my own business. Also having been on the creative side of advertising, knowing how to creatively think outside of the box has been an asset in the real estate market. 

Joe Rossi: I spent over 20 years running and opening restaurants mostly in New York City before COVID hit. Hospitality and real estate are similar in that they are all about customer service; delighting people by exceeding expectations. Also, managing P&Ls for large, complex businesses helped me set myself up to run my own business in real estate.

Vivienne Rottman: Previously I worked in the fashion industry. I was involved in buying and merchandising and worked for brands like Barneys New York, Bergdorf Goodman, Armani Exchange, Lacoste and most recently James Perse. Understanding trends in the business, as well as responding to customers’ needs is key. A merchant is also a collaborator and a coordinator who works with multiple people at different levels to curate the best assortment. Key skills of a merchant that align closely with the skills of a real estate agent are being confident  (even if you’re not), being able to work in a team environment, having strong communication skills, and be able to juggle multiple tasks.

Why did you decide to start a career in real estate?

Mackenzie: I was feeling unsuccessful in my career as an actor, and wanted to feel good about what I was doing daily. I watched my parents succeed with their real estate transactions and realized it was something I could be passionate about. 

Dewey: I had spent many years in the corporate world and was ready for a complete change. 

Joe: COVID hit New York’s hospitality industry like a ton of bricks. All of a sudden, I went from having no time to do anything but work, to have all the time in the world to just think about my career, and what makes me happy. I grew up in Florida where my father was a commercial real estate broker, and I remember always being fascinated by wheeling and dealing. On top of that, we would come up to the city every year and I fell in love at first sight at the buildings; not only the outside architecture, construction, and history but also wondering who and what was happening inside. I quickly came back to my original dream of real estate, and I guess now just a few months in, I’m already at the point where I can officially say the rest is history. 

Vivienne: I was at a crossroads in my life partially brought on by the pandemic. I felt like the fashion industry had given up on me in favor of younger (cheaper) talent. While I am grateful for the experiences I’ve had in the industry working with the best brands and having some of the best professional experiences, I felt like it was time to move on. I have always loved NYC real estate! Our biggest investment is the home we bought in the West Village in 1994. It’s been exhilarating seeing our investment grow and grow… not to mention the security that brings. I couldn’t see myself doing anything else beyond fashion but joining the real estate industry. I was cautious at first about taking this step but so happy that Platinum Properties chose me and I chose Platinum in my new career path.

What advice would you give to someone thinking about starting a career in real estate?

Mackenzie: Just do it! Jump in headfirst and give it everything you have. My thought is, if I’m setting aside what I once thought was my only dream to start something completely new, I better give it my all. 

Dewey: Understand that you are starting a new business, and understand everything that means. Real estate is fun, exciting, fast-paced, and can be lucrative, but like all new businesses and/or things worth doing, there will be a learning curve and a period of “paying your dues.”

Joe: Don’t expect it to be smooth right away, but know that you will be okay. There are ups and downs in any commission-driven industry… it’s a roller coaster. Especially starting out, every loss feels like the end of the world, and every win feels like I’m on top of it. The key for me has been to mindfully celebrate my success, learn from the failures, and realize that it’s my job to stay level (since the industry will never be) — once you get into the rhythm, it’ll only get easier. 

Vivienne: Do it! But do it for the right reasons…Do it because you like to work independently, you are truly interested in the transactional aspect of a real estate deal. Do it if you are ok with living and breathing your work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Do it because you love working with people!

In your opinion, what makes the real estate industry so enticing and rewarding?

Mackenzie: The real estate industry is especially enticing because it allows for every day to be exciting, and never repetitive. Sometimes on Sundays, I wonder what I’m going to do next week, but then I wake up Monday and already have a bunch of clients contacting me to find their new home! I feel rewarded whenever a client is excited to sign for their new place. Especially if it’s someone I’ve been working with for a while, but then we found the apartment of their dreams. 

Dewey: I love being able to run my own business. The real estate business is fast-paced and different every day. Additionally, there’s no cap on your earnings, which allows you to do everything at your own pace — you decide how to run your own business!

Joe: Coming from a steady salaried paycheck, I was surprised at how rewarding the industry has been because it is as rewarding as you make it.  I was able to start within my own comfort zone, but I am loving the fact that I am creating my own destiny…I’ll get out of it what I put into it and am ultimately accountable to no one but myself, and that feels pretty great. 

Vivienne: I love being able to set my own hours, work as hard as needed and take downtime when necessary. I’m my own boss and I finally feel in control of my future, thanks to the incredible support of Platinum in this journey. 

If you’re thinking about changing your career path, or want to learn more about what it’s like working at Platinum Properties, send us a message today!