Renovations can come with mixed feelings; excitement for the novelty of a transformed space, but also  frustration when the project takes over and leads to a temporary relocation. Making matters even more challenging, short-term rentals are sometimes scarce and difficult to find So when the need creeps up, how do you find a temporary rental? See below for our top tips on making the transition an easy one!

Consult your network and local neighborhood

Your personal, digital, and physical surrounding network are the strongest channels at your disposal. Ask your friends, co-workers, fitness buddies, or anyone else if they will be subletting their place in the near future. Social media at large can also play an important role in the search for a residency. Search Facebook for relevant community groups & local marketplaces or post stories about your short-term rental hunt – you never know who might have a useful connection.

Also, investigating around your immediate neighborhood is a simple and direct way to uncover local options. Ask the neighborhood doormen if they know about any current or upcoming listings. With a short-term rental in your own neighborhood, you can stick to your work commute and old gym location, plus you can easily keep track of the renovation at your apartment!

Start your search online

Many short-term rentals (like regular rentals) can be found on the internet on common listing websites such as StreetEasy and It may take you a little more effort, but if you select the filter for furnished apartments / sublet apartments (mostly found within the advanced search option), short-term rentals will come up. You can also head over to sites like Leasebreak where you’ll find furnished month-to-month rentals or opportunities to take over someone else’s active lease for a short period of time.

Act like a tourist

If the renovation of your New York City apartment isn’t going to take that long, you can consider other alternatives as well. The city is overloaded with hotels (and inexpensive ones at that, if you know where to look). offers all kinds of different short-stay options, including houses, hotels, apartments, and homestays, or you can try renting an apartment through Airbnb. Just make sure you find out which options are legit before handing over any payments, especially for rentals longer than one month.

Think about sharing a place

One of the hottest new concepts in the NYC real estate market is co-living.  A combination of staying in a hotel and renting an apartment,  this option provides people the opportunity to live in stylish buildings by renting individual rooms and sharing common spaces with other like-minded people. Best of all, the apartments come fully furnished, which is very convenient when you’re only looking for something short-term. Prices for a private bedroom start anywhere between $1,175 and $1,500, and some options let you stay for as little as one or two months!

Contact a broker

But all this research and hunting might be unmanageable atop the two already life consuming projects of home renovation and a work schedule, so a broker is always a great option to mitigate the time-crunch. Short-term rentals are not always posted online or put out in the open, but they’re definitely accessible through industry experts. So click here or call 646.681.5272 with your questions to speak with an agent from Platinum Properties! We’re standing by to help you through every step of your short-term rental search.