Living in New York City offers its residents a vibrant and diverse experience. However, finding pet-friendly living accommodations can present its own set of challenges. Here, we’ll explore the benefits of pet-friendly living in the Big Apple, as well as tips and tricks to make your pet’s life in the city – and yours – as enjoyable as possible.

New York City is home to a thriving pet community, and as a pet owner, you’ll have access to a wide range of amenities, services, and activities tailored to you and your furry friend’s needs. From dog parks and pet-friendly restaurants to pet boutiques and grooming salons, the city offers a wealth of options to keep your pet happy and engaged. Take advantage of these services to provide your pet with the care and attention they deserve, even when you’re juggling a busy city lifestyle.

While the entire city has embraced the concept of pet-friendly living, there are certain neighborhoods that stand out for their abundance of pet-friendly amenities. Areas such as the Upper East Side, Downtown Manhattan, and even Williamsburg boast numerous parks, dog runs, and pet-friendly businesses. These neighborhoods have an abundance of pet-friendly housing options, including apartments that cater specifically to pet owners which can include dog wash stations, virtual keys for dog sitters, and turf in the outside areas to quickly let the dog out during the chillier months.

Finding suitable housing for you and your furry friend is a top priority. Many landlords and property managers in New York City recognize the importance of pet companionship and have embraced pet-friendly policies. When searching for pet-friendly housing, look for buildings that explicitly advertise their pet policies, such as allowing larger dog breeds or multiple pets. 

Additionally, consider enlisting the help of a real estate agent who specializes in pet-friendly properties to streamline your search process. If you need help finding a pet-friendly building, reach out to us today – we’d love to help! 

Here are a few of our favorite pet-friendly buildings with current availability: 

Living in New York City doesn’t mean compromising on outdoor adventures with your furry friend. From visiting Central Park and enjoying dog-friendly events to attending dog-friendly theater performances or joining pet socialization groups, you’ll find endless options to create lasting memories with your pet.

With careful planning and research, you can find suitable pet-friendly housing and take advantage of the resources available to make the most of your pet-friendly lifestyle. So go ahead, unleash the joy of pet ownership in the heart of the Big Apple! 

If you’re interested in finding a pet-friendly rental, or if you’re interested in a rental, co-op or condo that allows pets, please reach out to us today to be connected with one of our trusted agents.