As some of you know, Platinum Properties is a boutique real estate firm nestled in the heart of New York City’s Financial District. Founded in 2005 by siblings Khashy and Dezireh Eyn, Platinum has become a cornerstone in the real estate scene, renowned for its unwavering commitment to core values that set us apart. 

Visionary Leadership

Co-Founders and siblings Khashy Eyn, CEO, and Dezireh Eyn, COO have jointly led the firm, grounding it in familial values and a distinctive approach to real estate since its inception in 2005. This family-owned brokerage emphasizes personal, one-on-one connections with clients, reflecting the siblings’ shared philosophy and their commitment to intertwining business with meaningful relationships.

Khashy Eyn, who delved into real estate at the age of 17, has developed a philosophy where real estate is more about touching lives and building trust than mere transactions. His approach has been foundational for Platinum, laying emphasis on creating lasting relationships, some of which have blossomed into lifelong friendships. Khashy’s innovative and adaptive leadership, especially during the challenges posed by COVID-19, saw the introduction of revolutionary solutions like virtual property tours via Zoom and dedicated skill enhancement sessions for agents.

Khashy’s vision for the firm is to evolve with the dynamically changing real estate landscape, prioritizing adaptability and innovation, while maintaining the human-centric approach that distinctly defines Platinum.

Driven by familial inspirations and initiated by her brother Khashy into the world of real estate, Dezireh has been an essential part of managing diverse aspects of Platinum, ranging from developmental strategies to financial planning. Together, the siblings incorporated their family core values into the firm’s practices, thus ensuring a harmonious and values-based environment.

Dezireh’s leadership across finance, human resources, and marketing departments has been pivotal, fostering an interconnected community and a positive company culture. Her passion is not only apparent in her role but also extends to her efforts in cultivating this culture, ensuring every hire aligns with the company’s core values, and implementing initiatives that support the “health, then wealth” principle. Dezireh’s influential stance and genuine love and curiosity of people, and making connections, have allowed for positive changes in the company culture. Dezireh has worked hard to hire a strong team of staff and agents and has worked equally as hard to implement opportunities like daily meditation, and company fitness classes into team members’ schedules. 

Together, Dezireh and Khashy’s synergistic leadership, intertwined with their family values, have not only elevated Platinum to its current stature but have also enriched it with a humane and relational essence. The siblings continue to advance their family-owned brokerage with a profound belief in the power of human connection, integrity, and adaptability, making Platinum a beacon of relational and innovative real estate practice.

About Platinum Properties

Platinum is not your typical real estate firm. As a full-service brokerage located in NYC, we consistently rank among the top 10 firms. In 2021, we celebrated our most successful year to date, surpassing $500 million in transactions, including the remarkable $250 million sale of 116 John Street and leasing the highest-priced per-square-foot rental at 1 North Moore.

Our headquarters in the Financial District, with two additional Manhattan offices, make us the industry market expert in FiDi and Battery Park City. We also provide the brokerage community with quarterly neighborhood market reports. Beyond residential leasing and sales, we’ve expanded into commercial sales and leasing, offering all these services under one roof.

Platinum Properties’ Five Core Values

At Platinum, we operate by a set of core values that guide our every action and decision. These values are the heartbeat of our organization, and we invite you to explore what they mean to us:

Our mission is to develop and nurture relationships that enrich and inspire our clients, our team, and our industry. We’re here to ensure that everyone succeeds in the most complex, dynamic, and exciting city on earth.

  1. Family First: We have each other’s backs. Open and honest communication is our key to success. We’re a family that thrives when working together.

Our commitment to “Family First” extends beyond our immediate colleagues; it encompasses everyone who walks through our doors. We’ve created an inclusive environment where open communication thrives. Whether it’s discussing a complex real estate deal or sharing personal stories, our diverse voices unite in a harmonious chorus. This sense of family strengthens our bond and enhances the support system within Platinum, making it an extraordinary place to work.

  1. Diverse Voices, Better Choices: We embrace diversity, reflecting the city we serve. In an inclusive environment, open dialogue is encouraged, leading to more effective collaboration fueled by different perspectives and experiences.

“Diverse Voices, Better Choices” isn’t just a catchphrase; it’s our way of life. Our multilingual team doesn’t merely represent diversity; it actively promotes inclusivity. Agents speaking multiple languages foster an environment where open dialogue flourishes. The exchange of ideas, perspectives, and experiences is the backbone of our innovative approach to real estate. With every language spoken, we bring another layer of understanding and empathy to our work, resulting in more informed decisions and satisfied clients. Language diversity is our secret weapon in adapting to changing landscapes and forging new paths for success – in total, our team speaks over 17 languages. 

  1. Make the Weather: We don’t wait for opportunities; we create them. Change is not feared; it’s embraced. We pivot when needed to get things done right.

We take “Make the Weather” to heart by harnessing the collective power of our agents, each bringing their unique skills and backgrounds to the table – we don’t wait for opportunities; we create them collaboratively. Our diverse team is adept at identifying niches and untapped markets, ensuring that we remain at the forefront of innovation in the real estate industry. Innovation is so important to the Platinum team – the real estate industry is a busy one, and we make sure to implement the best AI and technology to outsource tasks so that our team can focus on what matters most. We provide continuing education for our team members on a regular basis so that they can always be up to speed on the latest AI and tech trends, and always “make the weather.”

  1. Right on Top of That: We do what we say we’re going to do when we say we’re going to do it. Service-driven, resourceful, and detail-oriented, we’re always up-to-date on the market.

In the world of real estate, details matter, and market knowledge is paramount – our agents are always “Right on Top of That” whether it’s connecting with a client for the first time, taking them on property tours, or being a market expert to properly price a unit for sale or rent. 

  1. Health, Then Wealth: We strive to create balance in an unbalanced industry. We value the well-being of our team and enable them to unplug and recharge.

In an industry known for its demanding pace, Platinum is committed to promoting a healthy work-life balance. Our team of agents, each with their own unique cultural perspectives, understands the importance of well-being. They encourage each other to unplug and recharge, emphasizing the value of a balanced life. This holistic approach, rooted in the cultural diversity of our team, ensures that we not only achieve wealth but also nurture our health and happiness.

Join the Platinum Properties Team

Platinum is more than just a real estate firm; it’s a community driven by values that empower our agents to succeed. We invest heavily in our agents, providing the latest marketing and technology resources to generate opportunities and further their growth. Our impressive agent-to-staff ratio ensures personalized support, and our extensive training plan fosters professional development.

If you’re a real estate agent looking for a home where your career can thrive and where you can make a meaningful impact on clients’ lives, Platinum is the place for you. Join us in shaping the future of real estate in New York City, where heart, innovation, and values converge. Together, we can create extraordinary experiences for our clients and ourselves in the city that never sleeps.

At Platinum, diversity is our strength, and inclusivity is our mantra, creating a real estate experience like no other in the vibrant mosaic of New York City.