The FIDI Report: 3Q2021

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• Two-bedroom units performed well with a 27% increase in the average sale price QoQ and a 25% increase in the number of units sold.
• Studios are also showing a strong recovery with a 30% increase in PPSF QoQ as well as a 46% increase in the number of units sold.
• The smallest increase can be seen in the 1-bedroom units with a 6% increase in the average price, but a nearly 60% decrease in the number of units sold.


• One-bedroom units have made their strongest showing this year with a 37% increase in the average RPSF of $4,266 compared to the average RPSF of $3,360 in Q1 2021.
• Three-bedroom and larger units had an increase in average rent of over 60% QoQ, from $8,911 to $14,303.
• Studio apartments also performed well as the average RPSF rose to nearly 25%.