The FIDI Report: 4Q2021

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• The average price in Q4 2021 was $1,822,495, an 11.25% increase QoQ, with a PPSFT of $1,156.
• One-bedroom Apartments were the strongest performers with an increase of 52% in the number of units sold QoQ. They also showed a 19.5% increase in the average price and a 20% increase in the PPSFT over the same time period.
• Studios were sluggish QoQ with a 22.7% decrease in the number of units sold and the 14.35% decrease in the average PPSF.


• The average rental price stayed relatively the same as Q3 2021 with only a 1% increase. There was a 5% decrease in the number of price reductions.
• Unlike in sales, studios were the most popular units making up 50% of all the units rented in Q4 2021. They also had the highest PPSFT of $70, and nearly 8% increase QoQ.
• Two-bedroom units stayed relatively steady with only a 13% decrease in the number of units rented and a 5% reduction in average rent QoQ.