This blog post was written by Alexandra Selby, a Platinum Properties licensed real estate salesperson.

There are so many great deals on the market right now, and since we can’t possibly know how long this buyer’s market will last, now is the best time to lock down your dream apartment.

What does your dream apartment look like? What neighborhood is it in? Well, if you’re a dog owner, outdoor space is a game-changer. Trust me. I’ve lived with dogs in New York City my entire life. I’ve lived in apartments with no outdoor space but now that I have it, I finally understand how valuable it is.

When I got my Yorkshire Terrier, Ricky, my old apartment didn’t have outdoor space. While it was totally fine having a new puppy in a small city apartment, the keyword here was “fine.” Six months later, we moved into an apartment with a terrace – and now I can’t imagine it any other way!

Whether it’s outdoor space or an extra room for an office, or even just extra space so you and your partner or roommate can take a five-minute break from each other – people have realized the importance of being comfortable in their own dwellings.

During the peak of the coronavirus era (and now) having outdoor space has been invaluable.

While New Yorkers were told to stay inside, we still had space to get fresh air.

As most of us work from home, not only does it keep us sane, but Ricky can be outside for hours and I don’t have to feel guilty about not having time to take him out to the dog park or for a long walk. I can sit outside and work on my laptop or talk to clients while both of us get fresh air.

Rooftops and shared spaces in luxury amenity buildings have been shut down – and we are continuing to see these social trends play out across many luxury buildings. My advice is to take advantage of the market to land your dream home! Platinum Properties has an extensive portfolio of properties with home offices and/or with outdoor space!

Outdoor space is definitely not something to take for granted, but with the current market the way it is, you can make your outdoor space dream come true, too!

Platinum’s portfolio also offers amazing luxury properties in the most dog-friendly neighborhoods in Manhattan: Tribeca and Battery Park City. The community of owners that go to the dog parks in these neighborhoods is hard to find anywhere else. People come from uptown just to take their dogs to these parks! I’ve met so many friends just by taking Ricky there, and it’s great for him to be able to socialize with other dogs.

Platinum has options for everyone; renters buyers and investors, and we would love to help you with your search.

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