As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, many of New York City’s retailers and non-essential businesses have had to close their doors in an attempt to flatten the curve. This means your favorite bagel store, coffee shop, bookstore or barber is struggling – and the risk of permanent closure is creeping up with each passing day. Now more than ever, local businesses need our support to stay afloat during this difficult time.

Here are some ideas that can save New York City’s vulnerable small businesses from the comfort of your home:

Order Take-Out or Delivery

Restaurants have definitely taken a hit during this crisis, but luckily, not all eateries have closed shop altogether. For restaurants that have decided to stay open, delivery and curbside pick-up services have been keeping them alive. Since in-house seating has been suspended, food establishments everywhere are struggling to make up for that income. Utilizing the services that restaurants still provide is essential to help them get back on their feet and remain in business long enough to see this pandemic through to the end. Research which of your favorite eateries near you are still in operation, and consider trying something new as well!

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Purchase Gift Cards Online

For those businesses that cannot offer delivery or take-out services, gift cards may be their only source of income during this difficult time — and you can support them straight from your living room. Purchasing gift cards from your favorite boutiques and other spots around town to use once the pandemic is behind us. Does a friend or a family member have a birthday coming up? A gift card to their favorite neighborhood store would be a great gift (and can be sent while maintaining social distancing guidelines). We all long for the day that we can go back into our favorite joints and be greeted by beloved familiar faces, but for now, there’s only so much we can do to achieve that goal. However, with the support of their loyal and valued customers, small businesses can bounce back from the devastating economic effects of this pandemic.

Write Positive Reviews

With the majority of small businesses on an indefinite hiatus, the power of the pen — or keyboard — can be extremely powerful to help them stay relevant and appreciated in their time of need. Spend some of your time social-distancing by writing positive reviews for your favorite establishments. Though it may seem like a small gesture, its implications can be large for small businesses once economic activity picks up again and people are allowed to go back to their normal routines. Writing positive reviews is especially helpful for cities that rely on tourism — a good review is often a deciding factor when an out-of-towner is determining whether to visit. Whether it’s the friendly service or high-quality products, remind your favorite establishments and their customers why you love them!

Leave Generous Tips

If you’re able to in these trying times, leaving a generous tip for hourly workers at your favorite local establishments can go a long way. If your preferred lunch and dinner spots still offer delivery or curbside pick-up, show your appreciation for their work and time during this frightening climate by giving a little extra than you normally would. Many restaurants are giving 100% of the tips directly to their employees to help them pay rent and buy food during the pandemic.

Use Online & Virtual Services

Should your favorite small businesses offer online or virtual services, now is a crucial time to start using them. For example, if your local gym or fitness studio shifted to online classes during these unpredictable times, show your support by participating and referring them to friends or families. The same goes for other services, such as cooking and make-up studios. In general, if a beloved local business of yours offers services or merchandise online, it goes a long way to show your support.

Like all New Yorkers, we may have hit a speed bump, but we will not be stopped.

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