You just graduated college, congrats, and have moved back home for what you think is a temporary adjustment but will likely disrupt your parents new romantically-inspired nesting plans. Motivated by mom’s yelling to clean your room your mom dad’s nagging to refill his gas tank, you have recently accepted your first real job offer and are ever-so-ready to be independent again! The time has come to Find Your Place and Make Your Move.

First step to your fist NYC apartment is finding your neighborhood. Every nabe in Manhattan is exclusively different, the many nuances of an area that give it life and culture, that speak to the residents there and create a very Manhattanite sense of pride, even more deeply a sense of self. A transplant from San Fran deeply settled in Noho, never leaving the historic, quaint aura in the middle of a vibrant city. Or a new family moving to Battery Park City, calm and waterside, perfect for Sunday strolls, with the stroller in tow. What is your NYC neighborhood?

MURRAY HILL + FIDI = Millennial Heaven

The dream has come true as Murray Hill has an awesome variety of bars as you are planning on keeping it slurry and social. The rent is a bit more expensive with your pick of brownstone blocks and apartment skyscrapers. Though becoming a social mecca after hours for 20 somethings, Murray Hill is still a quite enclave. There is no common theme is Murray, a mix of quaint and modern, you will truly enjoy the mix of city living here. Second Avenue boasts delis and take-outs joints for after hours grubbing, Third Avenue is great for strolling and shopping, Lexington and Park is mostly residential and office starts at Madison. A great plus about Murray Hill, for millennials, is the proximity to both Grand Central and Penn Station, both 10 minutes away for a weekend back home for mom’s cooking.

At the tip of the city is FiDi, but look beyond Wall Street to see the gem of this developing downtown hotspot. The rent is more affordable than it’s fancy neighbors Tribeca and Soho and you’ll be surprised to find newer finishes, recent renovations and accessible transportation options like the grand renovation of Fulton Street station, now one of the city;s major transportation hubs. FiDi is essentially surrounded by water on three sides, enjoy waterside happy hours and charming restaurants with beautiful views.

Cobblestone streets and historic building that were once watering holes to George Washington will surprise many who equate Fidi with power suits and commerce. You can walk anywhere within 10 minutes in Fidi, downt to the Seaport, bar-hopping on Stone Street, the cobblestone streets and alleys of FiDi will surprise you. Enjoy some major shopping at the newly opened Brookfield Place. The night scene has been said to get dim down but here, but luckily the trending night life of the LES is conveniently a subway ride away.
Picking your first neighborhood is a win-win. Murray Hill is ready for you 24/7, the city that never sleeps, the good ol’ hustle and bustle. FiDi bring a bit more peace and quiet, subtle breezes off the water and that overall “downtown cool’. FiDi does have a growing sense of community if you are looking to feel at ‘home” and truly a resident of NYC.

Check our very detailed neighborhood page and call us to make that dream move a reality!