As midnight rolled around on December 31st the New Year resolutions we set for ourselves started to take action. Many people struggle to figure out what to set as their New Year’s resolution – but we’re here to help. Focusing on one of our five core values, “health, then wealth,” here are some of Platinum’s favorite places around the city to help you meet your health and wellness goals this year: 

Gut Health

The number one resolution for the New Year is feeling good on the inside by nourishing our bodies with the right foods. In a city like New York where life is on the go it can be difficult to focus on eating right. Here are some of our favorite restaurants and markets.

Whole Foods

A no-brainer, Whole Foods, is the most popular choice for fresh and healthy produce in New York. With their healthy snack options from walnuts to healthy sweets such as Smart Sweets Gummies and a variety of drinks from kombucha to protein smoothies, they are the ultimate market to stock your fridge with on-the-go food in the New Year. The market provides hot bars with fresh food ranging from salads to shrimp to choose from making it easier for the customers to meal prep for their week.

Tribeca Green Market

Eating fruits and vegetables according to the season is a vital part of eating healthy. For anyone hoping to get into cooking, going to a farmers market is the easiest way to not think about which foods you should be buying for your home seasonally. Located in Tribeca, the Tribeca Green Market is available for pursuing fresh produce ranging from sustainably raised meat to herbs on Wednesday and Saturday mornings between 8 AM and 2 PM. If you are new to cooking the market provides stands with cooking demonstrations and educational activities to learn from for your next home-cooked meal.


A classic goal for the New Year is getting into a consistent workout routine. It can be hard to motivate yourself if you don’t know the first steps to take to a healthier lifestyle. Now with many workout studios providing group classes, it is the best way to find the sport that will motivate you to keep showing up for yourself. Here are some of our favorite places to go to in New York.

Orange Theory

Located all over New York, Orange Theory is a high-intensity interval workout group training class. The duration of the class focuses on strength training, rowing and the treadmill. The workout is friendly for first-timers by providing the opportunity to adjust the workout according to your skill and conditioning levels. The coaches are there to guide you and correct your movements for a more effective workout. If you are looking for a more rounded workout it is a great place to start.

Tone House

Tone House provides group workout sessions that aim to improve your strength and conditioning. They provide a fun but competitive environment to push yourself to do better in each workout session. In addition to their workout classes, they provide classes in yoga for muscle recovery and nutrition classes to have more effective results from your workouts. If you are looking for a more guided and personalized workout Tone House is the place for you.


Equinox provides individualized private workout classes on strength training and pilates for people who are intimidated by group classes. This way you can have a workout more tailored for your fitness goals. Once you feel more confident, Equinox has a variety of group classes to choose from such as boxing, barre, sculpting and pool workouts. They provide group classes for stretching and recovery for the body to help you wind down from a long day. If you don’t feel motivated due to the amount of workload to leave the house, Equinox provides classes through the digital platform to keep you moving on busy days. 

Core Power

If you want a more relaxed workout that still provides the intensity of a high-intensity interval training class, Core Power is the alternative. A place to practice mindfulness while building strength and muscular endurance. Core Power Yoga will provide you with 2 different levels of yoga, one for beginners and one for more advanced students, sculpting classes, hot fusion and strength-building classes. The best location to ease yourself into a more active lifestyle.

Surfset New York City

If you are looking to add some fun and diversity into your fitness routine, Surfset New York City provides surfing classes without being on the water, making it an accessible workout during all seasons. A new way to jump into a workout in the New Year to challenge yourself and balance techniques.

305 Fitness Cardio Dance Party

Anyone looking to dance the year away should refer to 305 Fitness Cardio Dance Party located in three different locations in New York: West Village, Midtown East and Brooklyn Heights. 305 Fitness provides new ways of spicing up their night routines for an extra boost of adrenaline to end the day before meeting with friends or winding down for the rest of the night. Their digital at-home workouts are also available for anyone who would like to work out from the comfort of their home.

Ballet Beautiful Method

At a slower pace, the Ballet Beautiful Method combines strength training with the elegance and technique of ballet. The Ballet Beautiful Method offers toning, sculpting, barre, and cardio training. They provide extensive online training for people who hope to work out at home. 


The best resolution for the New Year is letting your body relax from the stress of work, loud sirens and the shoving on the subways in New York City. As life picks up fast in the New Year. It is important to find moments of relaxation, quiet and serenity.

World Spa

Bringing all the relaxation traditions from around the world, World Spa has one of the biggest varieties of banyas, saunas and hammams. The experience ranges from Russian banyas with wood stoves to Himalayan salt breathing therapy sessions to Turkish hammams with steam baths to Swedish saunas. It has every form of relaxation your body is looking for.

La Prairie Spa at The Ritz Carlton

La Prairie Spa at The Ritz Carlton invites guests to experience the ultimate Swiss relaxation techniques with the most luxurious skincare. Additionally, they provide saunas and steam rooms for guests to enjoy. It is one of the ultimate relaxation spots in New York City.

Guerlain Spa at The Plaza Hotel

Famously known for their facial massages, the Guerlain at The Plaza Hotel is open for business once again for New Yorkers and visitors alike. With their personalized facials and anti-aging face treatments, the Guerlain is the place for facials. Their unique techniques in their imperial relaxing massage, you will be reborn after a spa session with them.

The Spa at Mandarin Hotel

The spa at Mandarin Hotel offers massages from your head to your toes. With their calm environment, you will be transported to another location. After a facial or a restorative detox wrap you can head to their relaxation lounge to look at the views. If you are unable to make time to go visit the spa in person, they have options of delivering the spa digitally to you with instructions of ways to keep the stress off your shoulders, head and arms. 

Aire Ancient Baths

In a historic style building, Aire Ancient Baths is located on the Lower East Side. They offer salt and ice baths for their guests. With extensive packages to choose from, ring in the New Year with your friends or a significant other by booking couples packages. 

Russian & Turkish Baths

Widely known for their overly heated saunas, Russian & Turkish baths are an experience you can’t beat. Located in the East Village, they are famously known for their Russian sauna with a temperature exceeding 190 Fahrenheit and remains unknown. It is recommended to take a deep cold plunge in their pool before entering the sauna. If you are not in the mood to try the extreme heat they offer additional services, such as Platza Oak Leaf that help open up your pores and ouze out the toxins in your body.

CityWell Brooklyn

A boutique bathhouse in Brooklyn offers everything you are looking for from aromatherapy steam room to outdoor dry cedar saunas. They keep their outdoor saunas open rain or shine for guests to enjoy. It is the place to take a break from the hustle and bustle of New York City, as they encourage the space to remain silent and calm to deliver the full relaxing experience.

At Home Wellness

Straying away from our phones and computers after a long day is important for an intentional and more conscious refreshment of our minds. Having moments of relaxation at home is important just as much as treating ourselves to fun activities. There are a few ways we can do that either early in the morning or late at night before going to bed.


It has been stated that not looking at our phones thirty minutes before bed improves sleep and promotes healthier rest. As the age of TikTok and endless scrolling takes over our lives, it is important to step away from our phones in the evenings and wind down with a book. A challenge for the New Year but greater in the long run is working towards reading 30 minutes a day before bed both for our mind and our sleep cycle.


Starting our day early in the morning with meditation can help us live a more mindful day. It is important to make sure our body is in a comfortable position, eyes closed and stay consistent. Doing it at the same time every day will help us, stray away from our phones, set better intentions for the day and have a calmer start.


A very helpful tool to get our body moving at the beginning of the day. It helps keep our muscles strong and healthy, as well as helping us avoid joint pain and strains. With so many of us working from home it is important to incorporate movement into our daily routines to help keep our body active. 

Meal Prep

Getting the right amount of nutrients is an important part of our daily life. Setting time aside each week to meal prep for the week can be both cost-effective and keep you on the right track to achieving your goals. Whether it is to be leaner or to develop healthier eating habits, meal prepping on Sunday nights while listening to your favorite podcast, music or show is one of the best ways to spend some quality time with yourself.

Mental Health

This New Year practicing better self-expression for your own mental health is crucial in creating healthier and happier days. This year we encourage you to put yourself and mental health first.


It is important to find a form of expression on days that can take a mental toll. Journaling and reflecting on your day or current state of mind daily helps put things into perspective. It is a tool that can help identify the emotions you are processing.  There is no pressure to express yourself in the right way but rather use it as a tool for positive affirmations, contemplation, or tracking your growth throughout the year.

Breath Exercises 

Taking in deep breaths aids our mind to calm down. With eyes closed, pursed lips and hands on the stomach breathe in for two seconds and out. By focusing on our breathing we are able to ease our body during moments of high stress. 

Decluttering and Organizing 

Having a messy environment can affect our daily focus on tasks or strain our minds. As mundane the act of cleaning is, it can make a great impact on our productivity and ease a big portion of our daily stress. A great tip to provoke a drive to clean is setting up 20-minute timers to push ourselves to clean and organize our space. With the pressure of time, it is astonishing to see how much we are able to get done. In the end, our homes are sanctuaries, the more organized we are the more relaxed we will feel.


We all developed a need to hit 10K steps daily. Unfortunately with work we are not always able to take time out of our day to walk, which can lead us to be harder on ourselves for not completing our goals. However, instead of pushing ourselves, developing a habit of walking 15 to 30 minutes a day can help us create a serene work environment whether it be at home or at the office. Having a moment to ourselves during our lunch breaks, stretching our legs and taking in fresh air is important in keeping our body motivated and our stress levels lower for our mental stability.