One World Observatory opened its doors this June to visitors for the first time since 9/11. The Observatory is now being called the “One In a Million” destination to visit in NYC. Out of all the astounding sights you can see while visiting New York City, this should be first on your list.

Platinum recently offered its agents a tour of One World Observatory. The agents were deeply moved and enthusiastic to have such an experience. Agent Joshua Green felt both sadness and hope and says, “Something you witnessed at the start of the tour was the bedrock and steel that once was where the twin towers stood. The feeling was very overpowering with a sense of loss. Yet, also there was a feeling of hope and recovery that with the completion of the tower the city had healed a big scar. It is something [that] will never be forgotten by any New Yorker yet you get the sense that it is in the past now, where grief has instead been replaced by acceptance.”

Photo Credit: Barbara Lindorme (Platinum Agent)

Upon entering One World Trade Center, visitors are greeted in languages from all across the world. Next, one of five “Sky-Pod” elevators ascends you to the 102th floor in less than 60 seconds. During your rise, a virtual time-lapse video recreates the NYC skyline from the 1500’s to present day, including 9/11.

Agent Barbara Lindorme says, “I loved the ride up the elevator first showing NYC when [it was] first settled; [there was] all vegetation along the river and as you ride up, it shows the landscape and how it changes year to year, decade to decade as you go up, and by the time you land, you’ve seen how the skyline became what it is today.”

On the 100th floor, the Main Observatory offers 360-degree open views of Manhattan and the expanding horizon. This panoramic view with floor to ceiling windows is the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere offering visitors the ultimate experience in innovation, architecture, and the future of New York City.

Photo Credit: Constantinos Katehis (Platinum Agent)

Platinum Properties Rental Manager, Daniel Itingen, commented on looking down from the 100h floor, “I felt safe and comfortable, but couldn’t help but place myself in the shoes of those that were on the high floors on that day. As a city it’s great that we’re resilient but we can never forget what happened that day and can never stop honoring those who have lost their lives.”

Regarding the emotions around 9/11, Barbara commented, “The names written remind me of the Vietnam memorial in DC, but the water flowing gives a real sense of the city overcoming terrorist intent – what they meant for harm has only turned into good. They are hugely defeated.”

Platinum Properties also thrives in the Financial District in downtown Manhattan, only a short walk from One World Trade Center. Founder and CEO, Khashy Eyn, purposely settled Platinum headquarters here, knowing that there would be robust regrowth post-9/11, while many others were fleeing the neighborhood.

Platinum Properties recommends One World Observatory as a “One In a Million” experience and is proud to have One World Trade Center as its neighbor as downtown Manhattan continues to rebuild and flourish, welcome back!