March is the time to highlight powerful women in NYC Real Estate. With International Women’s Day on March 8th and the observance of Women’s History Month, take a look at our female leaders in New York Real Estate.

In the Real Estate sales industry, a commission-based career mirrors the hardships of self-employment. Platinum Properties commends the entrepreneurial effort and success of our agents when we read, “Female entrepreneurship in New York City grew by 43% since 2002 (Women Entrepreneurs NYC),” in AM New York.  As we witness the gender parity initiative powered by New York City commissioners and formidable business networks, we reflect on our team’s gender integrity and look at the “[Individual] in the Mirror.”

Sitting in the comfortable and welcoming lounge at Platinum Properties, you’d feel right at home with Brittany Lopez, our Top Rentals Producer for the past quarter and two months of 2016 (Congrats, Brit!).  She reveals her experience in Real Estate, including the good, the bad, and the ugly, but never without that iconic Cameron Diaz smile.  At first glance, her formula for success seems apparent: a young, intelligent and charming lady has all the potential to kill it in the sales industry.  Yet, her success goes beyond the typical mastery of sales skills. She is indisputably all head and heart.

To call her “ambitious” or “hard working” is an understatement. As we celebrate her one-year anniversary at our boutique brokerage, we are compelled to recognize and respect this real estate agent’s inimitable work ethic and compassionate approach when matching her clients with their next home.  In an industry stigmatized for its professionals’ dishonesty and duplicity, Brittany combats the hostility with sincerity and a fitting attachment, “I treat each deal with care and absolute attention – like a baby.”  Deals can fall through at any stage with both thousand-dollar rentals and million dollar sales.  To her, client-agent relationships do not end at the lease signing, but continue on through the years – and that’s how you measure a real estate agent’s success.

When selecting a Real Estate representative, it is important to consider the means to the end.  The commission is not about the time with the agent, but rather the agent’s knowledge and overall experience.  Platinum agent Racquel Popovic adds, “Sharing your favorite neighborhood eats and hot workouts gives clients the necessary info for when they make the move.”  As a FiDi resident, she knows the best brunch places, quaint coffee shops, and happy hour bars in the area.  To top off the search, Racquel also dabbles in interior design and helps her clients envision their new home space.
The secret to their success is not limited to the charm or the look, often associated with the achievement of a female salesperson.  Conscious of the economic and societal gender gap, our team of female agents set their own paramount standards and base their success on individual execution.  While it may be 117 years to gender parity (EY), the female professional force thrives in NYC Real Estate – just think of the executive team at major luxury brokerages to see how women have paved their path to success in New York sales and rentals.

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