Choosing a neighborhood to live in can be overwhelming for anyone. Manhattan is filled with neighborhoods, each with their own distinct feel, culture and living experience.  Before making your next move, consider which neighborhood will best suit you and your needs by looking at five of Manhattan’s most popular neighborhoods.

Financial District (FiDi)

The Financial District is home to the new One World Trade Center and the New York Stock Exchange, offering a mix of modern skyscrapers and historical landmarks. The neighborhood provides a trendy night life and rich dining such as the Living Room Bar in the W Hotel, which caters to the young, modern vibe of the area. According to our internal data, while FiDi can be known for its millennial crowd, it is also a very family-friendly environment with almost 25 percent of families in the area having children under the age of 18.

Upper East Side (UES)

With pockets of affordable housing throughout this sought-after piece of Manhattan, the Upper East Side (UES) is far more than you may realize. You’ll find a dynamic mix of both young professionals and families. Just a ten-minute commute from Midtown and east of Central Park, the UES is packed with world-famous museums, noteworthy dining, such as Up Thai and Sarabeth’s and striking culture. Attracted by the desirable blend of spontaneity and quaint familiarity, individuals flock to the UES for their own piece of bliss in the big city.

Murray Hill

Murray Hill is a notorious choice for young millennials and graduates looking to reside in one of Manhattan’s most spirited neighborhoods, which is conveniently within walking distance of Midtown and Grand Central Station. High-rise residential buildings with doormen go hand-in-hand with the living spaces in the area, and average rent prices are justifiable for the area’s proximity to popular Manhattan scenes. Residents of Murray Hill have a lot available to them with endless options for food and lively entertainment, making it a perfect option for both work and play.

Lower East Side (LES)

Packed with accessible, high-achieving schools, the Lower East Side is home to a tight-knit community of active parents. Many take advantage of housing cooperatives, like Seward Park, Amalgamated and Hillman, for affordable, family-friendly apartments in the LES, outfitted with private parks and playgrounds for outdoor fun. Thanks to the diverse history, there are plenty of opportunities for millennials and children of growing families to learn about various ethnicities and experience all the foods that come with them. Favorite attractions like the Tenement Museum and Hester Street Fair, plus playgrounds and local NYPL branches, keep families busy; nothing beats a day spent in East River Park between the Manhattan and Williamsburg bridges. Getting around is easy using the bus and subway options nearby, but hotspots like Tompkins Square Park, Little Italy, Chinatown and Soho are conveniently located within walking distance.

Greenwich Village

Located on the west side of Manhattan and often referred to ‘The Village’ as it is known by residents, Greenwich Village remains one of Manhattan’s most quintessentially ‘New York’ neighborhoods. Once a bohemian capital, welcoming artists and individuals living alternative lifestyles, it is now home to a mix of families, singles, seniors, and professionals. Tight zoning laws have allowed the area to keep out developers and while there are plenty of high-rises on the avenues, side streets are filled with quaint small buildings, most only 4-5 stories.

NYC’s neighborhoods are varied and each have its own unique character. You’ll find it valuable to gather as much information as possible to understand the best neighborhood for you by speaking with your peers or seeking guidance from professionals that know the city.